About Infusalooza

As a primary care integrative physician and a certified herbalist, I have always been passionate about using natural remedies to help my patients achieve optimal health. Over the years, I have noticed that certain food and tea recipes I hand wrote for my patients kept coming up, which led me to create Infusalooza – a platform that empowers people to incorporate healing herbs into their daily routines, rather than just managing symptoms.

Infusalooza is grounded in science, and my expertise in food properties and problem-solving allows me to craft recipes that not only taste great but also promote overall health and wellness. My goal is to help individuals understand the connection between their food cravings and their physical well-being, and empower them to take control of their health.

One example of the science behind our approach is the importance of salt, which is essential for our bodies to produce energy. The sodium-potassium pump in our cells requires salt in a 3:2 ratio with potassium, which is similar to what you find in sea salt. Similarly, calcium is needed for muscle contraction and magnesium for relaxation, both of which are found in sea salt. Rather than relying on a supplement that provides 200% of the daily allowance, Infusalooza emphasizes the importance of a balanced, organic ratio of minerals that meet your individual health needs.

At Infusalooza, we understand that every food, herb, and plant has its unique temperature, quality, and purpose for the body. Our platform offers a fun and delicious way to meet your health needs through herbal consults and a variety of recipes that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. For more information on how we can help you achieve optimal health, visit DevereauxHealth.com or email us at nutrition@devereauxhealth.com.