Best ways to seep your herbs!

Flowers low heat and less time 110 degrees and 5 minutes

Leaves low heat and less time.110 degrees and 5 minutes

Roots higher heat and longer time. 130 degrees and 7 minutes

Bark higher heat and longer time.130 degrees and 10 minutes

Brewing tea in an open container or a large infuser is a great way to enjoy the full flavors and aromas of your favorite tea. Not only does it allow the tea leaves to expand and release their full potential, but it also provides a more natural and authentic brewing experience.


Plus, using an open container or large infuser is a more environmentally friendly option than using tea bags, which often contain plastic and contribute to waste. Additionally, it allows you to experiment with different tea blends and customize your brewing process to your liking.


So if you want to savor the richness and complexity of your tea, ditch the tea bags and opt for an open container or large infuser today.

Investing in an electric kettle not only saves you valuable time but also ensures that your tea is brewed at the ideal temperature for extracting nutrients without compromising their quality. Plus, with an electric kettle, you can easily adjust the temperature to accommodate different types of tea, such as root teas that require higher temperatures and flower teas that need just a bit of heat. 

Check out our favorite kettles and infusing options! Remember to choose a kettle that shows temperatures and in either stainless steel, ceramic or glass.

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