Excitement of Infusing!

Webster defines infusing as the act of steeping, soaking, implanting, or instilling. 


The benefits of infusing are numerous, ranging from improved nutrition to enhanced creativity and taste.


Finding eclectic glass jars at a thrift store to use for infusions can be a fun and exciting experience. It's a great way to repurpose old items and give them new life while adding character and charm to your infused drinks.

Plus, using unique jars can be a conversation starter at your next gathering or party.

By infusing fruits, herbs, flowers, roots, and vegetables, the vitamins and minerals they contain are leached out, making them more readily absorbed by the body. This means that infused drinks provide a quicker and easier way to obtain essential nutrients.


When you need a quick burst of energy, warm or room temperature infused drinks are ideal.


Honey, which is known for its health benefits and energy-boosting properties, can be added to drinks as a natural sweetener. It should be added at the end, however, to preserve its beneficial bacteria.


Infused craft drinks have become incredibly popular in high-end bars and restaurants, often commanding a price of $20 or more per drink.


Some drinks even contain rosemary twigs and basil, which are packed with nutrients that may exceed the nutritional value of the accompanying meal.


When it comes to infused drinks, it’s essential to drink with intention. Different foods have different nutritional and temperature qualities, which can affect how they interact with the body. For example, if you’re feeling cold, a ginger tea may be a better choice than a mint tea. So, consider what your body needs when selecting an infused tea or beverage.

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