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Cooling* Adrenal Support * Hormones * Joint Support

There are so many great herbal combinations and formulas to do! Herbs have different properties like ginger to warm and mint to cool…Herbs are powerhouses of nutrition and most of them are anti-carcinogens and antibacterial. Beyond some great benefits, you want to take them with an intent for solving your health concerns. Weight loss, hormones, pain, sleep… I am going to discuss this group of herbs, why they work for me and how they would work for you. Remember when using herbs to heal, write down any health concerns as a baseline of how you feel before you start! If you wake up in the night 4 times, write that down. If you have knee pain after playing tennis, write that down. The more baseline in how you feel before you start will help you see if it is working. Go through each organ system- digestion, lungs, skin, liver, kidney… anything that is offset or a concern for you. Then remember you have probably had these concerns for years and need to give natural healing opportunities at least 2 weeks.

I love this formula because I am active (and want to be more active with more energy), I had 6 knee surgeries and want a natural anti-inflammatory, have stresses and need to nourish my hormones, break out in sweats due to emotional triggers like stress or patient stories that are difficult to hear, waking up in the night, and feelings of flushed.

The taste is fresh and soothing. Each herb is dynamic and has thousands of years backstory in the healing properties for heat and also that fake heat you feel. When you use this herbal collection or any collection, remember you have to also solve the problem of what put you in the deficiency. And with hormone imbalance, to state it clearly, cortisol will take everything so that we survive. It is our “fight or flight” hormone. So taking this formula will help provide nutrients to the overused hormones. Remember we also need to relax and enjoy our lives whenever we can! Read below and see all the amazing things this herbal group has to offer!

Sarsaparilla Mint Rose Horsetail Black Cohosh

Sarsaparilla is anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, antipruritic. Sarsaparilla root has long been used as a traditional medicine in Central and South America, where it is traditionally indicated in the treatment of sexual impotence and circulatory disorders, rheumatism and joint pain, headaches, skin ailments and as a general tonic in cases of physical weakness. (1)

Sarsaparilla’s steroidal saponins exert an anti-inflammatory effect. It also has a diuretic action, flushing out chlorides and uric acid and therefore of benefit in gout and other rheumatic or arthritic conditions.

Mint is used to expel wind heat, relieve headache and dizziness, improve eyesight, relieve sore throat, clear up rashes, relieve itching, and soothes anxiety and stress by clearing liver qi stagnation.

Mint is typically used to dissipate body heat and to calm the nervous system.

Horsetail has been used for thousands of years for blurred vision, red eyes, conjunctivitis, sore throat, colds, tonsillitis, urinary tract infections, coughing blood, very good for menopausal women, builds bones, excess menses, wounds, hemorrhaging, skin rashes, burns, kidney stones.

Rose supports the body’s natural collagen production, our body’s protein responsible for healthy skin, nails and hair. Loaded with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, roses can also help ease breakouts and calm skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea.

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